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“A Rose in Winter Ltd.”, Joshua Sinclair and Ruggero de Virgiliis are pleased to inform you that our movie “A Rose in Winter” will be screened on Wednesday, January 9,
2019 in Brussel, European Parliament, EU

The director Joshua Sinclair and part of the main cast will be present.

“A Rose in Winter Ltd.”, Joshua Sinclair and Ruggero de Virgiliis are pleased to inform you that our movie “A Rose in Winter” will be screened on Wednesday, November 7,
2018 in Geneva, Palais des Nations, United Nations, on the occasion of the Geneva Peace Week – Building Peace in a Turbulent World, 5-9 November 2018.

The projection will be attended by Joshua Sinclair, Zana Marjanovic, Anja Kruse
The complete schedule of the event is available HERE

Benjamin Lind’s Review – September 2018

A ROSE IN WINTER tells the moving and motivating life story of nun Edith Stein. Born a Jew, she demonstrated uncompromising courage as an outspoken proponent of justice in the women’s movement at the beginning of National Socialism in Germany. Her actions as a Carmelite challenged the Holy See to oppose the Holocaust. A path that would lead to her martyrdom in Auschwitz. The cast and crew of the film couldn’t have been chosen more carefully – first and foremost, it was the combination of director Joshua Sinclair (“Jump!”, “Shaka Zulu”), lead actress Zana Marjanovic (“In the Land of Blood and Honey”) and triple Oscar-winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (“Apocalypse Now”, “Reds”, “The Last Emperor”) that provided the film with its foundation for excellence. Bosnian actress Zana Marjanovic delivers a moving, multi-faceted and poignant performance in portraying Edith Stein. You realise quite rapidly, why director Joshua Sinclair did not want anyone else for the role. Complemented by the extraordinary lighting and colour palette of Storaros masterful cinematography, Edith Stein is given a cinematic memorial, relaying a powerful message to the audience that cannot be overlooked or mistaken. No woman in the world should ever be afraid of speaking her mind, standing up against sexism and abuse as well as demanding to be treated equally without exception. The supporting cast includes some extraordinary international talent who jointly breathe life into their respective characters. Among them are Anja Kruse (“Die schöne Wilhelmine”), Karl Markovics (“Grand Budapest Hotel”), Hannelore Elsner (“Die Kommissarin”), Ken Duken (“Inglorious Basterds”), Alice Krige (“Star Trek – First Contact”) and Franco Nero (“Django”) in a guest appearance. What made this film stand out for me was the masterstroke of wrapping the overall sad and emotional story in a perfect symbiosis of beautiful visuals, a subtle musical score, excellent direction and high quality acting. Every filming location carefully selected and captured on film, every costume and make-up fitting to the smallest detail. Altogether, you are thrown into a living work of art where the love and dedication of all participants becomes palpable and has created a moving film that brought me to tears three times during its final half. Never during its 138 minute runtime does the film explicitly hit you over the head by instilling feelings of guilt for what happened during the Nazi regime – a feeling that you easily get with many films when you are German like me. But although I am of another generation, I felt rightfully ashamed of our past by being confronted with the fate of the individual – Edith Stein. But the shame is a healthy one, as it reminds you to look inside your heart and ask yourself, how you see our world in the present and reflect on your political and interpersonal views. With A ROSE IN WINTER, director Joshua Sinclair and his team have not only delivered a film for a mere quality afternoon in the cinema but an experience that grabs you, shakes you and makes you confront realities. That is the power of real cinema.

Article by Paolo Fossati,
Giornale di Brescia, Italy, October 2018